High and Low Blood Pressure Chart for Men & Women

Hello friend how are you, today in this site we are providing Blood Pressure Chart By Age which helps you to figure out that your blood pressure is at a healthy level or not and having our chart reduce you’re contacting with the doctor and take a step to improve the number. If you take the table from this site, then you can quickly determine what kind of treatment you may need. All the charts available in this site are free you don’t need to spend money even one penny.

The top number in Blood Pressure Chart For Men is called the systolic and lower number is diastolic. If you are suffering from blood pressure or any of your family member then you it is necessary to learn about number through our chart which helps you in saving the lives of others. For improving blood pressure, you can do some meditation and medicines.

Low Blood Pressure Chart

Do you know when the heartbeat and pushes blood through arteries to the rest of your body and the force in the blood create pressure on a blood vessel that called systolic blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is considered as below 120 when it goes up 130 to 139; it is hypertension stage 1. When it was above to 140, then it is 2nd stage hypertension or if it crosses 180 or more that circumstance, you will get a heart attack and heart failure which lead to death.

Blood Pressure Chart By Age

Blood Pressure Chart For Men
Blood Pressure Chart For Women Blood Pressure Range Chart

There are many factors which lead to blood pressure goes up and down, for instance, our emotion, exercise and sleeping there are temporary but Being overweight Stress, Old age, Smoking, etc. are some permanent cause of blood pressure everyone should avoid these things to prevent blood pressure. You will be surprised to know that blood pressure is vital for our life because it contains white blood cells and antibodies for immunity and hormones such as insulin.

High Blood Pressure Chart

High blood pressure is hazardous for life because it put extra strain on arteries that cause to become thicker and weaker. A weak highway was most likely to collapse soon and causes a heart attack or stroke. Take a printout of the High Blood Pressure Chart from this site and keep in your pocket. It will help you to control blood pressure when it goes to high or low.

Blood Pressure Reading Chart High Blood Pressure Chart Low Blood Pressure Chart Normal Blood Pressure ChartSometimes blood pressure becomes silent killer so you should be careful about it and regularly checks your blood pressure, and you know a silent killer has not any particular symptom you could only control by monitoring number by our Blood Pressure Range Chart and take medicine regularly. One most important thing is you cannot skip taking medicine in blood pressure; in fact, you have to take it till the rest of life.

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